Nulled Free Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins Scam

tongue girlYes, I said scam. Scam, hack, same thing. Nulled scripts and the cryptoPHP infections are both a scam and a hack. If you are looking for a premium WordPress theme, and try to find it online for free, do you know the only one you will find will kill your website?

girl smiling looking downThis is a bunch of crap if there ever was any. Sadly, there are a lot of (so-called) free premium WordPress themes and plugins out there right now, that are just going to infect your computer, and worse- your website. Yeah, they’re free alright- free infections and bloatware for your computer, and your website. Free redirect viruses too. Free cryptoPHP infections too. Free hijacking of your website. Free website take-over, turning it into another remote source to spread even more nulled scripts with cryptoPHP infections. Free premium WordPress themes anyone?

Girl hiding her face with her hairIf you think you can safely download pirated software, themes, scripts, etc- you’re wrong! It cannot be done safely. I don’t care how tech-savvy you are. The machine knows more than you do. Just don’t do it. If you can’t afford to buy it, then you can’t have it. Don’t be such a spoiled brat. Anyway, if you do download one of these nulled scripts, instead of getting something cool for free, you will just kick your own ass.

I will never understand the mindset of a hacker.

Beautiful blonde girl with lipstickI guess making money from advertisers or Google Adsense isn’t enough for some of these hacker-webmasters. They have to infect your computer and your website too. Only then will they be happy. Seriously, what is the thrill of ruining someone who you will never see? And why pick on someone who never did anything to hurt you? There is no logic in that at all. If someone done you wrong, you want revenge, I get that. Revenge can be sweet. But revenge on an innocent person, or a random person? It just makes no sense at all. It’s pure evil.

blonde girl blue shortsAnd don’t give me any crap about making money. They don’t make any money at it. They can’t possibly make money because they are never in business for very long. It’s only a matter of time before they get shut down. And then what? Another hack idea? It’s so stupid it’s not even funny. OK, now that I got that off my chest, let me get on with the real rant…

What are nulled scripts and cryptoPHP?

Girl opening her shortsA nulled script is a script (program, application, theme, plugin, etc) that somebody changed, to remove the protection implemented by the author of the script. For example, when they remove PHP calls, or registration checks, or the ability for the scripts to verify themselves for authenticity. These scripts replace the legitimate PHP calls with malicious code that takes over the server. They are commonly distributed by warez sites and shady, illegal sites. They take advantage of people’s greed- people who are looking to get something of value for free.

Lady in black dress sitting on the floorThese nulled scripts contain cryptoPHP infections. They infect your website, so they can give out more free scripts, so they can infect more websites, so they can give away more scripts, so they can infect more websites… It’s circular reasoning, and that’s why it makes no sense to me.

It reminds me of a cocaine addict who thinks, I need to make more money so I can buy some more cocaine, and I need cocaine to work, so I can make more money, to buy more cocaine, so I can work more to make more money, so I can buy more cocaine…

Sexy girl with a clockAccording to PcWorld, over 23,000 servers are infected with cryptoPHP backdoor virus. Web servers infected with CryptoPHP act as a botnet. They connect to command-and-control servers operated by the attackers using an encrypted communication channel and listen for commands. When they connect to the hacker in charge, they take over your website and change it so it forwards to something malicious. And the worst part is, all of the big website hosting companies know about it, but can’t always fix it. People are losing old, established websites because they got greedy and tried to get something for free.

pink lingerieWith so many excellent quality free Worpdress themes out there, it boggles my mind why someone would even want a pro-version. And if you think the paid-for premium WordPress themes are better than the free ones, you just haven’t looked. I can mention several free themes right now that are better than any paid theme. (Customizr, Magazine Basic, Point Theme.) There’s no reason at all to try to find a pirated premium theme. If you think you need one, you’re wrong. What you really need is to do more research and find a better one that’s actually free.

What do pictures of girls have to do with website hackers?

Obviously, the pictures have nothing to do with the article. It’s just a bit of eye candy to entertain you.

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