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2 beautiful Japanese LG girls 2 There’s an app for that. But you don’t really need an app. I saw an article from Google about an app to help you find your Android, but I’m here to say you don’t need that app. there are websites that will call your phone for you, for free. I admit, I have lost my cell phone from time to time. No, I’m not one of those drunk guys that loses it at a bar. I lose mine whenever my grand-kids get hold of it when I’m not looking. Or, sometimes I simply misplace it. But when I do, I don’t use a Google app or any other app to find it. I just go to the internet and type in this web address:

Google Has an App to Help Find Your Android:

2 beautiful Japanese LG girlsGoogle did something wrong with this post. They didn’t give us a link to the app they were bragging about! Come on Google. You guys are big-time, and you made an elementary mistake like that. What’s even funnier is, 497 people commented about how excellent that app is going to be for them when they lose their Android. I smell a rat…

Pretty face LG girlYou smell it too, don’t you? All these people who commented on Google’s post are simply trying to get some link juice from Google. Anything Google does has a very high rank, whether it is its very own Google Page Rank, or the new leader in web ranking- MozRank, or MozTrust (which includes Domain Authority and Page Authority rank.) So all these people commenting are just passing some Google juice to their Google Plus profile, which passes it to their websites. Some commenters were smart enough to write a quick article and put the link in their comment. is Better than an App:

2 LG girls in blackWhy download an app and clutter up your Android when you don’t have to? This is beginning to sound like a commercial for WheresMyCellPhone, but I do in fact highly recommend it. I have used it m\several times, and it’s easy to remember. All you do it go to the site, type in your phone number, then go find the sound. There is only one drawback for certain people though- If you are the guy who loses it at a bar, this won’t help you. If you are that guy (or girl), you probably ought to get the Google App. But don’t ask me where to find it since Google didn’t give us a link. I’m sure you can find it on Android Apps on Google Play, or, of course, you can use Google (again) and search for it. I guess Google wins again.

2 LG girls in blackMaybe some day they will come out with a leash for your cell phone. Oh wait, they already do have a cell phone leash. What will they think of next?

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