Welcome to HighTechGirls.com: Houston, We Are Go!

Beautiful young lady smiling at the snowWelcome to HighTechGirls.com. This is a brand new website today. I have a vision for it, and thought I’d share it here, as my first actual blog post. I’ve had this idea for a few months, and today I am making it happen. I can’t believe I found the actual dot-com domain name I wanted (High Tech Girls). This is my story, and I’m sticking to it:

Lady in WinterOne day I was reading some tech news (like I do every day), and I thought why doesn’t somebody make a tech news site with some pictures of pretty girls all over it? Hey, why not? Auto shows have beautiful models posing with cars, biker magazines have them clinging onto the motorcycles, even guitar manufacturers have them rocking out on their advertisements. Well, now there is a tech news site with pretty girls everywhere. A little eye-candy if you will. Don’t worry, it will be family-friendly. Just beautiful, smiling, pretty faces and legs, yeah legs, and maybe some lipstick, and high heels… You get the idea.

Young pretty lady in Winter 3Some friends of mine went to the Mobile World Conference last month in Barcelona, and all they could talk about were the girls! I’ve been to a number of trade shows, and I am well aware of all the talent some of the big companies hire for these exhibits. In fact, most Japanese technology companies hire some real beauties for these shows. And why not? We go there to be awed, and there’s nothing more awe-inspiring that a beautiful girl. Well, that, and some modern technology. So, let’s put two of my favorite things together and put on an exhibit right here, right now, starting with these beauties. Of course, we’ll talk technology too!

What Comes First, Technology or Pretty Women?

I know I asked the question, but I don’t know if I can answer it! I mean, I love women, and I love technology. But if I really could have only one, it would be women. Take this lady in the snow for example. Who needs technology news when you have her smiling at you?

* Pictures from Pixabay.

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